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Rilakkuma Tokyo Sky Tree 1st Anniversary

RIlakkuma Sky Tree Blog 1

It’s always good to see the newly released limited edition for the Rilakkuma Store. This time it is the 1st Anniversary for Tokyo Sky Tree Store. Happy Birthday!

The design for anniversary edition is always very detailed, this time it is not an exception. The design concept is watermelon punch, what a great design to kick off summer!

Rilakkuma Sky Tree Blog 2

Let’s take a closer look at Rilakkuma, he is holding a slice of watermelon in front of him! It should be the best fruit in the summer!

Rilakkuma Sky Tree Blog 3


The top of Rilakkuma has a stem on him, what a cute and thoughtful detail!

Rilakkuma Sky Tree Blog 4

Back of Rilakkuma is the Happy 1st Birthday.

Rilakkuma Sky Tree Blog 5


The design of Korilakkuma is similar to Rilakkuma, with a watermelon in front of her, and a stem on her head :)

Rilakkuma Sky Tree Blog 6


The back of Korilakkuma also has the Happy Birthday words.

These edition is released on 22 May 2013 , they also releasing the pin on 22/5 25/5 and 26/5, it’s strange that there are gaps between, but nonetheless, we have got the 22/5 pins already. :)

This time, they will release a bigger edition of these cuties, if I remember correctly, it should be the first time I see that.

Stay tuned!


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