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Rilakkuma Happy Holiday Picnic

Rilakkuma Picnic Blog 1

The Happy Holiday Picnic is one of my favourite Rilakkuma, they came out of February 2012. This series is released as part of the same series Hamburger Series (Also came out of February 2012). So here’s the happy holiday picnic Rilakkuma.

Rilakkuma Picnic Blog 2

It is the back of them.

Rilakkuma Picnic Blog 3

If you look closer to the back of the Rilakkuma, there’s the usual zipper on his back. The texture on the basket is so detailed.

Rilakkuma Picnic Blog 4


The hamburger is so cute, it has the face of Rilakkuma on it! Rilakkuma also got a very personalized boot, there’s a pink R on both of his boot.

Rilakkuma Picnic Blog 5

Korilakkuma is holding a bunch of flower in front of her.

Rilakkuma Picnic Blog 6

She also has the personalised boots as well! A very cute R on her boots!

We missed out Kiiroitori here, maybe next time. Stay tuned!




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