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Rilakkuma Fonts!

I was doing some search on the internet, and looks what I found!

The Rilakkuma Fonts!

Rilakkuma Fonts Blog 1


These are for the upper case letter.

Rilakkuma Fonts Blog 2


These are for the lower case letter.

The fonts can be found in in the following link:

The fonts is designed by rafael saldaña who is from Mexico, he as few other Rilakkuma drawing design on

So how do you install the fonts?

If you are using Windows:

1. Go to Control Panel

Rilakkuma Fonts Blog 3

2. Select Fonts

Rilakkuma Fonts Blog 4

3. Right Click on the Fonts Window, click install New Font.

Rilakkuma Fonts BLog 5


4. Select the fonts and done!

Rilakkuma Fonts Blog 6

If you are using Mac, it is simpler.

1. Go to Finder, select Application on the left hand side, and then find the Fonts Book.

Rilakkuma Fonts Blog 7


2. From the Top Menu Bar, select FIle, then click Add Fonts, select the Fonts file you just download and it is done!

Rilakkuma Fonts Blog 8

That’s how you can install the Rilakkuma Fonts!

We will find more interesting thing next time, stay tuned!

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