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Rilakkuma Constellation Plush

Rilakkuma Zodiac Group 1


Released on 19 January 2013, they are the Rilakkuma Zodiac Series! They are super cute. The group above are Aries, Taurus, Leo and the lovely goat.

Rilakkuma Zodiac Aries M - Front


First Aries! The coat is warm and thick for the Rilakkuma! And he is super cute!  ♪ ♪

Rilakkuma Zodiac Aries M - Back

You could see the Rilakkuma has the Fluffy tail at the back.

Rialkkuam Zodiac Taurus M - Front

Next is Taurus, you could see the hand and foot all have the beautiful cow pattern.

Rilakkuma Zodiac Taurus M - back

If you look closely, you could find the cow pattern on the head and left hand are stars  ♪. You could also find that the embroidery of stars on the right hand  ☆ Stylish  ♪ Perfect!

Rilakkuma Zodiac Leo M Front


It is no doubt that Leo is one of the best in 12 constellations! This Rilakkuma of Leo is amongst the most popular in this series!

The mane of the Leo is attractive, I don’t think I don’t even need to tell you ☆

Rilakkuma Zodiac Leo M Back

And the tail is also very noticeable. When you look from the back, can you pretend you couldn’t see it?! ♪♪

Rilakkuma Zodiac Sheep M Front


Now, it’s the last constellation.

His whole body is dressed in pure white goat coat. White is always attractive, it covers the from the head to the stomach, and to the hands and feet of the Rilakkuma. Very cute and fluffy indeed!

Rilakkuma Zodiac Sheep M Back

See, the tail is fluffy as well! And he is holding a beautiful pink star. ☆

That’s all for today ☆ Stay tuned!






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