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Rilakkuma Constellation Plush Part 4

Rilakkuma Zodiac Group 4


Last blog on the zodiac group. This time, I proudly present you the Gemini and the Virgo.

Rilakkuma Zodiac Gemini blog 1


Gemini is the only one with Korilakkuma together with him. Look at the little Korilakkuma in such tiny size. ♪♪♪

Rilakkuma Zodiac Gemini Blog 2


If we look closer at Korilakkuma, you could still find every single details in them. The button, the belts and everything.

Rilakkuma Zodiac Virgo blog 1


Next is the virgo, Rilakkuma is holding a little pink star in front of her. The clothes are kind of girlish.

Rilakkuma Zodiac Virgo blog 2


The clothes are almost the same between these 2 constellations. Except the colours, there is one more design that is different between these 2 adorable Rilakkuma. Can you notice it?


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  1. Soooooooooo cute! ~(^0^)~

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