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Rilakkuma Constellation Plush Part 2

Rilakkuma Zodiac Group 2


It’s time to introduce the 2nd group of Zodiac Rilakkuma: Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces!

This group all comes from the sea! ♪♪

Rilakkuma Zodiac Scorpio M B1

The Scorpio can’t be omitted, the first time I saw him, I smile, he is too cute to be scorpio :)

Rilakkuma Zodiac Scorpio M B2

It’s even better to look at him from the back. There is a little star on the tail. I think I would still smile even if he bites me ♪♪

Rilakkuma Zodiac Cancer M B1

Next is the Cancer. His hand and feet are covered with red crab costume, so cute!

Rilakkuma Zodiac Cancer M B2

Looking from the back, every single detail is so dedicate.

Rilakkuma Zodiac Pisces M B1


The Pisces is the one that is quite different from the others. For Rilakkuma doesn’t have feet, instead he has a large tail, and he could still stand up!?

Rilakkuma Zodiac Pisces M B2


His posture is amongst the funniest in the Zodiac Series, not all Rilakkuma would raise up his hand like he is a gorgeous. (he is adorable instead).

The sea creatures are cute, stay tuned for the next group!



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