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Rilakkuma Constellation Plush Part 3

Rilakkuma Zodiac Group 3


Today, we are going to look at Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius. This is the group of details and they are the “human” group.


Rilakkuma Zodiac Libra blog 1


First, we would look at the Libra. Libra Rilakkuam is holding a balance, with a very bright star on his head



Rilakkuma Zodiac Libra blog 2


If you take a closer look at the balance, on one side of the balance, it is the Dumpling, it is the favourite food of Rilakkuma. On the other side, it is a beautiful yellow star.


Rilakkuma Zodiac Libra blog 3


Looking from the back, you can see the pole on Rilakkuma’s shoulder, hope he doesn’t think it is too heavy to carry the balance.





Rilakkuma Zodiac Sagittarius blog 1


Next is Sagittarius.

Rilakkuma is using a bow on his left hand, and the arrow he uses is in Rilakkuma Shape.


Rilakkuma Zodiac Sagittarius Blog 3


Take a closer look, the arrow is so cute!


Rilakkuma Zodiac Sagittarius blog 2


He is also carry 2 Rilakkuma arrow on his back.





Rilakkuma Zodiac Aquarius Blog 1


Final is the Aquarius. Rilakkuma is holding a large vase in his left hand. I personally like the blue colour very much.


Rilakkuma Zodiac Aquarius Blog 2



The water flowing from the jar is represented by ribbons of 2 colours. And the water has stars attached to it, so beautiful and detailed.

How was it?

These group is full of detailed and design, and lot of decoration.

Stay tuned for the last 2 constellation.

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