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Korilakkuma Coffee and Chocolate Series!!!!

This the Korilakkuma Coffee and Chocolate Series! Enjoy the video :)


This is Mira Plush Video.

Last time we brought you the Kiiroitori Coffee and Chocolate Series. This time it is Korilakkuma time.

Coffee and Chocolate series is one of the very popular Rilakkuma series. It releases in October 2011. This series have all 3 of them: Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori.

So! Let’s look at this cute Korilakkuma.

She is very soft and fluffy. And she is holding a Chocolate on her hand. Like Kiiroitori, you can take off this chocolate from her hand. The Chocolate this time is in Pink Color.

The suit can be taken off, but it is somehow a little bit difficult to put it back on. This is  because the suit fit perfectly on her. If you are not good at restoring thing, it might take some time to restore it to the original condition.

The ear is in pink color. Pink is my favorite color. The feet and hand are in pink color too.

If you take off the suit a little bit, you can see the usual red button of Korilakkuma.

The tag, like, the one on Kiiroitori is very elegant.

This is the product tag.

So that’s all for today. Next time it would be ……

Stay tuned!!!!

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