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Our First Youtube Video on Plushies

This is our first time!!!

We had a thought that merely pictures aren’t enough for seeing the plushies! That’s why we decide to create our own video.

I hope you like the video, although there is still room for improvement (actually, we think we didn’t do very well on many parts …). Anyway, we believe we could get better and better in the future!

Hope you enjoy it!

Stay tuned!

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Some update on Mira Plush

We know it is going to be a boring post.

We haven’t updated our blog for quite a while, as we are busying for organising our stocks, moving to a new store place, and thinking about what we going to do in the future.

We are happy that we finally have things a bit organised. And we still commit to do the best we can to bring you a good shopping experience, and more importantly, a happier life to all of you.

Stay tuned. We will keep writing our blog. :)

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Rilakkuma Wonderland Theme – Decorated Floats Plush



The decorated floats in the Rilakkuma Wonderland parade have become stuffed toys!

The above will be released on 13 July 2013. As they are special edition, so it is only available in all Riakkuma Stores (in Japan).

Size: Rilakkuma floats – about 180 × 250 × 160mm
Korilakkuma floats – about 240 × 200 × 140mm
Kiiroitori floats – about 260 × 200 × 150mm

(Information and photos from San-X Japan official Web site)

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Share with us your Rilakkuma Collections!

Sogo Blog 2

Share with us your Rilakkuma Collections! We would love to know how you like your Rilakkuma, please share us your collection. It is okay no matter how many you own :)

Simply click the link below, choose your file, fill in anything (whatever you like, e.g. your name, how old is your rilakkuma, who buy you etc), then click upload.

As simple as that, come and join us.


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There are lot of different Rilakkuma products!



Besides the standard 8.5 inch size Rilakkuma plush, every time a new series is released, San-X would also manufacture other types of products ranging from pencil bag, porch, mechanical paper, kitchenware such as tong, bathroom stuff as toilet seat cover to blanket, backpack etc.

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