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Tokyo International Gifts Show

Short Name for the exhibition is TIGS. It is held at 4, 5 and 6 September in Tokyo.

We don’t have a chance to go to this exhibition in person this year, but definitely we would put it in our agenda and hopefully, we can schedule time to go to this exhibition next year.

This year is 10th Anniversary of Rilakkuma and we have a lot to do for purchase, packing, delivery and answering the inquiries from our lovely customers. It is nice to know they are happy when they receive our package.

Anyway, I found some pictures from San-X for the TIGS and I hope you enjoy the pictures. (All pictures from San-X)1185176_606114389431412_1663537111_n Lovely Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Penguin(?).

1170869_605292672846917_1776563869_n Zombit, this to be released plush appeared in TIGs. We are so looking forwards to receive the delivery from San-X.


Shappo is very cute indeed, I hope they have more series coming in 2014.


Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori floating in the air.


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Rilakkuma in the Sleeping Bag


Hi, this is Mira Plush Video.

Last time, we have the Rilakkuma Wonderland. They are super adorable and cute. With a lot of delicate details. 

This time, we would go back to 2005…

Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma in the sleeping bag.

The most adorable and super cute thing about this plushies is the sleeping bag. It can be taken off, and they have 2 sides…

Let me show you.

For Rilakkuma, the other side is the blue dot.

For Korilakkuma, the other side is the pink dot.

Compared with other standard size Rilakkuma, they are a lot bigger.

So that’s all for today!

Stay tuned!

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Limited Time Only – Rilakkuma Cafe

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Rilakkuma. The Rilakkuma Cafe is opened for a limited time in Harajuku of Tokyo, it started from 2 August to 16 September 2013.

This time, Rilakkuma collaborates with “ENJOY! BASEMENT DINNING”, interior of the cafe will be decorated in Aloha Rilakkuma image.


不二ビルディング B1F


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Rilakkuma Chocolate and Coffee Series

This the Korilakkuma Coffee and Chocolate Series! Enjoy the video :)


Hi, this is Mira Plush Video.

The is the finale of the Chocolate and Coffee Series. And we bring you the best! Tada, the adorable Rilakkuma.

We carried out a poll on your facebook page. The question was “Who do you like most?” Amongst the 3 options: 1. Rilakkuma, 2. Korilakkuma and 3. Kiiroitori.

Over 80% vote for Rilakkuma, over 10% vote for Kiiroitori, and less than 10% vote for Korilakkuma.

Anyway, back to this series. Chocolate and Coffee series was released in October 2011. It was very popular series at the time.

So let’s look at him. Different from Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori, Rilakkuma is dark chocolate. Although it is darker, he is still very fluffy and soft. He’s very good to cuddle!

The suit can also be taken off. Let’s me show you how to do this.

He is kind of tiny after taking the suit off, but still he is very cute! There is his usual zipper on his back.

Again, as the suit fit perfectly to him, you need to spend some time to put the clothes back on.

And here’s how…

His ears, hands and feet are in brown. The tag of him is very elegant, with pink background and the golden word.

There is a bear shape emboidery somewhere on the suit. Yes, here it is.

He is very cute!!! I love him so much…

So that’s all for today.

Stay tuned!

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Korilakkuma Coffee and Chocolate Series!!!!

This the Korilakkuma Coffee and Chocolate Series! Enjoy the video :)


This is Mira Plush Video.

Last time we brought you the Kiiroitori Coffee and Chocolate Series. This time it is Korilakkuma time.

Coffee and Chocolate series is one of the very popular Rilakkuma series. It releases in October 2011. This series have all 3 of them: Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori.

So! Let’s look at this cute Korilakkuma.

She is very soft and fluffy. And she is holding a Chocolate on her hand. Like Kiiroitori, you can take off this chocolate from her hand. The Chocolate this time is in Pink Color.

The suit can be taken off, but it is somehow a little bit difficult to put it back on. This is  because the suit fit perfectly on her. If you are not good at restoring thing, it might take some time to restore it to the original condition.

The ear is in pink color. Pink is my favorite color. The feet and hand are in pink color too.

If you take off the suit a little bit, you can see the usual red button of Korilakkuma.

The tag, like, the one on Kiiroitori is very elegant.

This is the product tag.

So that’s all for today. Next time it would be ……

Stay tuned!!!!

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Rilakkuma Store Only Edition

San-X produce some exclusive Rilakkuma for its own retail shop. They are normally called “Special Edition” of Rilakkuma on the internet. To be more specific, someone would call them the “Store Only” edition, as there are other special edition, e.g. Lawson x Rilakkuma, Tower Records, Fans club (they are called “UFO” for fans club Rilakkuma, as they are toys in the Claw Machine).

Some examples of the Store Only edition are:


He is the Tokyo Skytree Rilakkuma Store Opening edition.



He is the Sendai Rilakkuma Store Opening edition.



She is the Korilakkuma from the Kichijoji 2nd Happy Birthday Store only edition.

Hope you like this.

Stay tuned!