About Us

Our mission:

Mira Plush Online Shop is the safest place you can buy the adorable Rilakkuma related products, certainly we won’t forget our ┬álove for Shappo from the Sentimental Circus.

Have you ever wonder where to buy Rilakkuma products on the internet? There are too many fake products, you have to read so many blog or forum to learn how to distinguish authentic Rilakkuma from the sea of fakes; There are too many irresponsible sellers, you can only receive 1 item when you have bought 3 items; There are too many hobbies sellers, you have to spend a lot to purchase 1 Rilakkuma.

It is our mission to change the game. Mira plush commits:

  • To provide the best online shopping experiences.
  • To sell only authentic and beautiful San-X products.
  • To create a shop with variety of San-X products.
  • To sell products at a reasonable price.

We hope you have fun here.

Below is details of our Company.

Company Name: Mira

Representative : Wong Wai Kwong

Address: No.83, Sha Po Tsuen, Yuen Long, N.T., Hong Kong

Phone : +852-91865260


10 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Do you have a list of countries you ship to? Do you ship to Singapore and is the published shipping rate standard for all countries?

  2. Hi! I was wondering if you’re planning to restock the Korilakkuma Fluffy “Let’s Play With Rabbit” plush doll because I’m interested in buying it. Also, will you bring back the Rilakkuma Fluffy “Let’s Play With Rabbit” plush doll as well? Since it’s a 2012 version, it’s really difficult to find both plushies online now and I’ve been trying to find one.
    Thank you!

  3. Hi! I was just wondering how long does it take to ship to east coast United States. Thankyou

    1. Hi Owen,

      It normally takes 7 to 14 working days to arrive at the destination of United States.

      Thanks a lot for your interest in Mira Plush.

      Alfred Wong

  4. Hi, how much to ship locally? thank you

    1. Hi Poeny,

      Sorry to have missed your message. Local shipping is flat USD4.00.

  5. Hi, I know the 165cm Rilakkuma plush can be pre-order right now, can I pre-order from you? If I can, can you please give me a quote? Shipping to Los Angeles. Thanks.

    1. Hi Koko,

      We are sorry to have missed your message. For your inquiry, we need to ask San-X suppler whether they still have inventory at the office.

      For further information, we will contact you through email :)

      Once again, thanks a lot for contacting us and we apologise for missing your message.

  6. One question, send to Mexico?

    1. Yes, we ship to all over the world :)

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